Honey is a love, she’s gentle and full of energy.  Her walk is very bouncy.

She’s doing really well and has had her staples removed and her hair is growing back rapidly.  She’s finished all of her antibiotics and pain medications but is still on an anti-inflammatory medication.  Her foster has tried weaning her off that medication but she limps and is sore when on a lower dose at this point – all that bouncy enthusiasm causes some pain.

She’s back on this medication and weaning her down will not happen quite yet.  At the end of March Honey will go in for further x-rays of her leg to see how the bone has healed.  Even when it is healed, Honey will have restrictions on her activity level (leash walks, very short playtimes off leash) until the inflammation has gone away and she is able to move around as she wishes.

She’s learning how to walk on the gentle leader and goes for short walks every-other day at this time.  She gets along well with the other active dog in the foster home and is interested in the ‘crabby’ cat!