About Us


Our Mission

Pet Haven rescues and re-homes cats and dogs, spays Pet Haven MN Missionand neuters to reduce overpopulation, promotes companion animal welfare, and advocates on behalf of companion animals.

Our Vision

Pet Haven’s vision is to be a rewarding place to volunteer, find a quality home for each animal, encourage a community of responsible companion animal guardians, eliminate the community’s need to euthanize dogs and cats as a means of population control, and encourage a society where animals become more valued.

What is Pet Haven?

Pet Haven was founded in 1952. We are a 501(c)(3) charitable organization incorporated and registered in the State of Minnesota, and are a volunteer-run organization. Similar to a humane society, we help homeless dogs, puppies, cats and kittens find new homes. We provide veterinary care, kennels, leashes, and food. Animals stay in volunteer foster homes and are spayed/neutered prior to being adopted. Foster families care for the animals, and learn about their needs and temperaments, which helps us find suitable permanent homes.

Pet Haven is a limited admission foster-based animal rescue – our ability to bring a cat or dog into our foster program is dependent on our resources and availability of foster homes. We do not euthanize animals unless they have an untreatable health or behavioral condition that prevents an acceptable quality of life or makes them a serious threat to people, other animals or themselves.

Pet Haven is committed to reducing the pet population and the number of unwanted animals. We offer low-cost spay/neuter surgeries for low-income families and grants to other animal rescue groups.

Pet Haven volunteers also educate the public about responsible companion animal care. We convey our respect for animals as we talk with
prospective new families, meet people at public events, and socialize with friends and family. We encourage others to view and treat their pets as members of the family — we are their guardians, and they depend on us for our companionship and care.

How is Pet Haven working with the community?

Pet Haven is a founding member of the Minnesota Partnership for Animal Welfare (MnPAW), a state-based animal welfare coalition. MnPAW’s mission is to unite Minnesota animal welfare organizations, and engage the community to ensure a home for every healthy and treatable companion animal in Minnesota. By working together and building on our common ground, we can be a stronger force and more powerful voice for the animals. As members of the coalition, we strive collectively to create a more humane world for animals, and reduce the population of homeless pets.

Annual Reports

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