Puppy Mill-Hairless Dog

Another hurdle passed! Your help is still needed!

Please contact the MN Senate Judiciary Committee by March 13th
The Dog and Cat Breeder Regulation bill – S.F. 36 – passed the Senate Agriculture Committee and is going to be heard in the Senate Judiciary Committee on Thursday evening, March 13.   Please continue to be a voice for dogs and cats in need by contacting the members of the committee before the end of the day on March 13th and ask them to vote in favor of S.F 36.


We need to protect Minnesota dogs and cats who are forced to live in substandard and deplorable conditions.  You can also leave your message with the Senator’s legislative assistant because it is hard to reach legislators directly.  If you are a constituent of one of the committee members listed below, be sure he/she knows that.

 Puppy Mill-Hairless Dog

For additional talking points, we have provided those below the committee members’ names and numbers.  Please keep your message short and respectful.

For more information, go to


Thank you for caring and taking action!



Senate Judiciary Committee Members


Senator Ron Latz – Chair (District 46) – 651-297-8065 –


Senator Barb Goodwin – Vice Chair (District 41) – 651-296-4334 –


Senator Bobby Joe Champion – (District 59) – 651-296-9246 –


Senator Kari Dziedzic (District 60) – 651-296-7809 –


Senator Dan Hall (District 56) – 651-296-5975 –


Senator Warren Limmer (District 34) – 651-296-2159 –


Senator Scott Newman (District 18) – 651-296-4131 –


Senator Kathy Sheran (District 19) – 651-296-6153 –


Talking Points for your message

There is currently no state law to license, inspect, or regulate commercial dog and cat breeders in Minnesota.  The problem is inhumane breeding practices, and many dogs and cats live in small, overcrowded, unhealthy conditions where they are malnourished, receive little to no veterinary care.  While many breeders in Minnesota act responsibly, there are unfortunately breeders who breed dogs and cats in these deplorable conditions.  S.F. 36 addresses the problem by giving the state of Minnesota the authority to license commercial dog and cat breeders, inspect and enforce existing state laws, and impose penalties on those who violate the law.  
Please vote in favor of S. F. 36


Adoption weekend! Cats and Dogs

Saturday, March 1

Time:  11-1 p.m.

Dog adoptions – TWO locations

Large and medium dogs:  PetCo Richfield 66th and Lyndale Ave. S



Gotti and Lady are fostered together and love having another energetic dog to play with!

Camper is a maybe

Buffy, only if her home visit hasn’t scooped her up

Roseanne – heartworm treatment is finished, her first event!



Peaches – *  puppy breath warning


Small dogs:  Chuck and Don’s Edina  6821 York Ave. S.







Cat Adoption  11-1 p.m.

PetCo Richfield 66th and Lyndale Ave. S.


Lil’ Red (Redington)








Sunday, March 2

Time  1-3 p.m.


Cat Adoption

PetCo Richfield  66th and Lyndale Ave. S.



Jordan and Dakota – bonded brothers who would love to be adopted together!






Micah – that’s a lap nap!




Adoption weekend

We’ve got it all covered:  Large, small, short haired, longer haired, black, gray, blonde, brown, spotted plus as many different personalities!


Dog Adoption Sat. Feb. 15, 11-1 p.m.  All size dogs!   PetCo Richfield, 66th and Lyndale Ave. S.




Puppies:  Josie, Lady Celia


Bear (chi)





Cat Adoption Sun. Feb. 16, 1-3 p.m.  PetCo Richfield, 66th and Lyndale Ave. S.

Belle – this pretty girl was just at Chuck and Don’s in Highland Park as our ambassador – She loves to be a lap girl!

Harold – talk to me, pet me,  I’ll be a good friend and amuse you with my playful ways.

Mimi – if any cat is curious, Mimi is at the top of the list

Rocki – loves a lap, being talked to and someone to play with her favorite wand toy with her