Do you enjoy older friends?



Pet Haven doesn’t discriminate because of age or breed.  We ARE a limited admission group which means when we don’t have any more foster homes, we can’t take in any more dogs or cats.  We DO take in  the very young as well as those who are of a ‘certain age’ and in between!  Sometimes the vet can make a pretty good guess as to age and other times we know when the dog or cat was adopted for the first time.


We’ve a few dogs and a cat who are looking for homes right now who meet the ‘certain age’ requirement!


Milo is a handsome boy, probably a pitt mix, he has the great, w-i-d-e smile of the typical pitt.  He’s lived in a rural area with a family with children and loved his family but they gave him up when he started chasing the neighbor’s cats.  He’s best  in a family who will be ‘in charge’ so he knows who is boss and is happy to meet everyone:  adults – to young children.   Since he doesn’t understand having a toddler or baby crawling all over him and pulling his hair, we’re looking for a home for him with elementary school age children or older.  He’s happy to go in his crate and is house trained.  He loves toys and to go for walks with you and also to snuggle on the couch or floor with you!




Want to teach him some new tricks?  Milo is very food motivated so that shouldn’t be hard.  He’s also carrying a little extra weight so his meals need to be measured with low calorie treats like pea pods, carrots, green beans and apple slices or even some of his daily ration of dog food.  A walk with you would be a good way to help him lose that weight too.

Milo enjoys meeting other dogs and people.  He’s definitely and all-round great fellow.


Morrie is a charming guy.  He was adopted in 2006 as a puppy and returned early in 2014 because he no longer fit the lifestyle of his family.  Morrie likes new people and has transitioned to his foster home and adoption events well.  He’s proud of being able to sit TALL when offered a treat and is an obedient fellow.  His sister canine is a bit bossy but he does fine with her and he is sure to come when called and eager to show off his tricks.  Morrie thinks his crate is a great place to snooze and is fine in it in the day time or at night.  He enjoys walks and lots of lounging around the house with you too.  He’s been told he should have had braces as a puppy but he kind of likes his quirky smile!




Car rides and getting nails clipped are handled easily.  Morrie admits he loves to bark, however!  Hear something outside?  See someone walking by out the window?  I’d best let my foster mom know!!  Woof!  Woof!  For this reason Morrie would not do well living in a condo or an apartment, even if he is the ideal size at just 14 lbs.


Mina is a recent addition to the cat division.  Her owner died and no arrangements had been made for her so she went to impound.  From there she was transferred to another rescue group on an Indian reservation.  In a photo from there, sitting hunched on a shelf it her cage, it was decided that she need to come to Pet Haven.  When Mina arrived she was matted to the skin on both of her sides and was shaved and had other matts  clipped out.  Mina has apparently been handled roughly – she is not afraid of people unless they reach over her head or sweep with a broom.  Then she ducks and scatters off to safety.  She’s accepting petting all the way down her body and enjoying it but igrumbles about being picked up.  She will come to get on your lap  and sit on your chest but will nip when your hands move unexpectedly so we are trying to keep her on a lap so she isn’t right in your face.  Mina may have inflammatory bowel disease with vomiting and lack of appetite but 5 mg. of prednisolone four times a week has resolved that.  She has a big mouth and throat and is very easy to pill.  She loves her food – fish flavored is the favorite!  And gets canned food a couple times a day too.




This girl has had a past we can only guess at and is enjoying having another chance in a foster home, in hopes of finding a forever home.  How long will she live?  2 yrs.?  4 yrs.?  We don’t know but we are sure that her life has improved.


Blue is a cute guy who had excellent house manners and is potty and crate trained.  He was not fond of the bitterly cold winter weather and did have a few accidents then so some watching and encouragement may need to be supplied during those terrible wind chill days.  Tiny feet hurt quickly!




Blue loves to cuddle and snuggle in his blanket but a walk outside is fine too.   When his foster mom arrives home he is so excited to see her he jumps around  when let out of his crate.  He’s like a cat in that he grooms himself and loves to rub his head and neck on you.  Do you have an empty lap?  Blue might be just the right size to fill it!