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Babies, babies everywhere

Spring brings felines having litters.  Once the days start to lengthen, more daylight, the females go into heat.   Gestation is 9 weeks.

Do you have a stray in your neighborhood?  in your alley?  under a deck near-by?  What about under a shed?  under the cover of a boat that has been idle all winter?  It’s possible that kittens like these will be born in one of those places.




Where was mom?  Was she killed crossing a road in search of food?  We never knew.


Anja had her kittens by a garage, right on an alley.  The person who called put a fence that was 12 inches high around her and said she was well protected!  A foster went within the hour to pick them up.




More often than not these mothers were put outside to fend for themselves last fall or sometime during the winter.  It is hard to find shelter, food and water when it is freezing.  Mom is at risk herself – dangers from dogs, people, antifreeze, no secure and warm shelter, a lack of food.  She has parasites from eating mice and birds.  When we are lucky enough to find her, she will probably be very thin with ribs protruding and a backbone too easily felt – we try to feed her with high quality and high calorie food but it is next to impossible to make up for the deficit she is under.  Sometimes we bottle feed the babies to supplement her small quantity of milk, we finger feed the babies canned food multiple times, trying to get much needed calories into them.  At times we pull the kittens from mom sooner than we would like because she becomes dehydrated and loses strength as her body tries to produce the milk their growing bodies demand.

You can be  the rescue hero who helps stop this.

If you have a stray in the alley, in the neighborhood, at work or in your garage efforts  need to be made to capture it.  Humane societies, impounds and limited admission groups will take these unfortunates.  Help us get them off the streets.  Only with your help will we be able to spay and neuter to control the number of cats and dogs being born who are not cared for.  Have a stray?  Call  and make plans to help that cat!  Don’t wait until there are babies needing help too!

Pet Haven dedicates money from our budget every year to subsidize spay and neuter to low income owners, we give grants to  other organizations to help them bring overpopulation under control in their communities.  You can help by donating.

You can help by getting that stray cat – friendly or feral – picked up and surrendered where it can get care.

We named this group after the character PigPen in the Snoopy-Charlie Brown comic strip.  They were pretty funny and needed baths after each meal of canned food we fed (4 times a day).  They had been without mom for an untold length of time and they were voracious!  It was funny – but also very sad.  They grew up, learned they would have full tummies and were all happily adopted.




Help us break the cycle – we can all do it together!


Second chances all around

H-e-r-e’s Arne!





This puppy is full of energy, loves to play and is learning all about living with a loving family and receiving lots of attention!  Love to walk or run?  He’ll need that kind of exercise every day!


And, h-e-r-e’s Henry!




This boy was found outside, thin and dirty, trying to survive on his own and taken to impound.  The vet has guestimated he is 13 yrs. old.  In rescue he had to have one eye removed due to an infection that had gone on too long, causing him pain for an unknown period of time.  He’s found a spot in a Pet Haven foster home and loves to be brushed and combed which is a good thing!  He’s happy to have a shoulder or head to sleep near or curved around all night and is co existing with the other cats in his foster home.


Two different pictures of rescue – one from a home where breeding is uncontrolled – one where an owner made a poor choice when they no longer wanted Henry nor were able to care for him.


2nd chances all around.