Happy Tails


Happy Tails

We love to hear them!

Gunner had a precarious start in life.  He and 3 littermates were found surrounding their dead mother at 5 weeks of age.  Moved into foster care, the pups gained weight well but had some confusion about who was ‘boss’.  Canine Coach gave foster homes training after evaluating the puppies and said that mom would have taught them lots of lessons had she lived and now the fosters would have to take her place.  These obedient and willing fosters then worked to help the young pups learn the dog rules that they would need to get  along in the world and all attended socialization classes too.  Adoptive parents also received advice on dominance issues so what the pups were learning would travel with them.

Fast forward a few months and Gunner was adopted by a couple in St. Paul.  One of them had served overseas and had come back with some issues they hoped would be eased by a great canine pal who might serve as an unofficial therapy dog.  Gunner has been in his new home for 6 months now and this is what his owners have to say about him.


Gunner is still a sweet and wonderful boy. Fiercely loyal to his Husky pack in the neighborhood (there are 5) and a possible member of the Lowertown sled team this winter! LOL!

He loves apartment living, car rides and is well known around St Paul.

He will be working on his service merits this year and is such a wonderful addition to our lives! Thank you to Pet Haven for choosing us for Gunner’s forever home!



Charli’s owners think she is a wonderful girl too.  Lap time in dad’s lap is special although playing with a string toy can get her out that warm and cozy spot.   Being declawed in front and having had a number of teeth removed because of gum disease, you wouldn’t think she would be a good mouser but she is a great ‘pointer’ and stands watch at the cupboard where the garbage is kept if she hears any little noise inside!  When not on  mouse patrol, Charli loves to be brushed also. 





Annabelle at home!

This cute little girl was named Quinta when she was with Pet Haven and now has a new home, a new name AND enjoys life to the fullest in her new family!





Here’s what her mom has to say about her:
My name is Allison Corn and in January of this year I adopted Annabelle (Quinta). I wanted to email you to let you see my little cutie pie as she is growing up! Annabelle has honestly changed my life. Everyone that sees her pictures or meets her instantly falls in love with her. She is like my little girl and best companion! She has completed puppy and intermediate dog training classes at Petsmart and is scheduled to do advanced in the fall. She also just wrapped up 6 classes of trick training (Annabelle LOVES to do tricks and agility!). Thank you so much for allowing her to be in my life! Hope you guys are having a great summer!


PS my vet thinks she is a chihuahua/ terrier mix, most likely rat terrier!




Marco Polo 7 fixed?

In remembrance

Marco Polo was a charming fellow, about 4-6 yrs. old when he went to be the best buddy to Ayers Bagley and Marian Ortolf- Bagley.





He was a constant companion and grateful for the warm spots he could snooze on and had one of the most unique and busy back yard bird feeding set-ups that most cats have ever seen.




Recently he began to fail and a cancer was discovered.  He was only with them for 3 – 4 years and it was hard to let him go. 






Soon, we hope,  good memories will help with the grief and tears.


They are looking for another great companion and therapy cat to sit on a lap, to amuse them and their friends with another unique personality and loving ways. 


Marco was not the first Pet Haven cat who was fortunate enough to find his way into their home.  They have room in their hearts and home for  another one too.


A new home, a new life

Reyn, formerly known as Renault, is loving life in his new home and all of his welcoming family!

Despite appearances, he is really a bird dog at heart.





Recently, this message came from his new owner:
I thought I’d share this story about Reyn and what he did yesterday on our walk in the woods. He and I have been at our lake home for two weeks, enjoying lots of walks. Yesterday when I took Reyn on a walk in the woods behind our house he sniffed out a grouse that was completely buried in the snow to stay warm. Reyn is a true hunter and still makes me wonder if he fended for himself for a period of time. He hones in on smells like nothing I’ve ever seen in a small domestic dog. Yesterday he stopped, put his head back sniffing the air and then dove head first into the snow. Seconds later a grouse popped up and Reyn lunged for him. I immediately pulled back on his leash but he still managed to pluck two tail feathers from the bird. The only other dog I’ve ever had that hunted like Reyn is my dog Bandit that was half toy collie and half red fox. I’ve never had a domestic house dog like Reyn. Right now he’s laying in front of the patio door, in the sun, watching the squirrels eating sunflower seeds under the bird feeder. He’s a great dog and I love him so much.

I hope all’s well with you!





Wheezy – home at last

Sometimes you have to leave the area you were raised in and move to a new location to find happieness and your forever home.  That’s just what happened to Wheezy.  After a long stay in rescue in IA, she came to the Twin Cities to continue her search – and was successful.  Not only does she have a home that is understanding of her shy nature and is helping her work through some insecurities, she has a job!

Here’s an update from her adoptive mom, written to her foster mom.



Good evening Lisa,

I just wanted to let you know how Wheezy has been settling in during her first few months here. She’s definitely my shadow and worries when I’m out of sight, but I think she’s making progress. She no longer needs me to sit on the floor with her when she eats; I can actually be in the next room (though she does come to check on me), and instead of doing her business and then immediately coming to whatever window I’m near and staring in, she’s discovered that it’s OK to stay out for a while and investigate all the good smells in the yard. 🙂
Wheezy comes to work with me and has been a big hit there. While men and various random things make her nervous, I think it’s good experience for her. I often say we have the best customers in the world: people who feed the birds tend to be a kind-hearted bunch, and the majority, like our staff, are also big pet lovers. Our Fed-Ex guy has learned to approach slowly and crouch down so as not to be threatening. He brings her treats. 🙂 Wheezy’s getting a lot of exposure to the good folks in life, and she always has the option to hang out in the office if she wants a quiet retreat.
Wheezy enjoys running with me several times a week. Together we have recently graduated to 4.8 miles. I stop at regular intervals so Wheezy can roll in the snow, which she loves. She looks pretty cute in her safety vest and collar light: a serious canine athlete. We have also completed PetCo’s level one training class and have signed up for level two. Wheezy loves doggy school and seems to catch on pretty quickly. She won the sit/stay contest twice, though mostly by default, I think, as she’s so calm and really doesn’t know what else to do…
All in all, she’s adjusting quite well, and we’re having a good time together. Thanks again for fostering her! The photo is of her at work. We made her a name tag that says “in training.”



Truly a Happy Tail!


December adoptions can be slow

Traditionally, adoption rates slack off in Dec. and often prior to Thanksgiving.  Adopters are busy, they are planning events and arranging meetings with family and friends.  Making a lifetime commitment to a new pet is, understandably, not at the top of the ‘to-do’ list!


Recently these 3 canines found their forever homes and we all celebrate.  Fosters, other volunteers and most especially, the dog and his or her new owner!













Congratulations one and all!



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